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HR for startups and scaleups

Helping startups and scaleups leaders build teams and workplaces where people are happy and the business thrives.


We say "no" to complicated, generic HR solutions.

We are sure you need HR solutions but we are also 100% confident that you need your own BLEND of tailored-made, People & Culture strategies and day-to-day practices. And we are going to prepare one for you.

What we do

Enabling your startup to grow

Fast-growing companies are facing a ton of people challenges that have a significant impact on day-to-day business. Growing recruitment demands, recruitment mistakes, inexperienced team leaders, losing your culture principles while trying to put out fires… we can teach you how to deal with it.

To grow your business effectively, you need your own HR BLEND – tailored-made set of People & Culture practices, covering the 4 key areas:

Teams & individuals

You need to know how to recruit, build and retain a productive, well-organized team of experts that fit your culture. That's the basis.


Your mission, values, atmosphere, and rituals are your USPs and most probably, the key to your success. Let's keep it that way, no matter how big your organization grows.


Strong, competent leaders with a positive attitude to their job, with tools for effective leadership. That's the 2nd ingredient.

Scalable HR solutions

Your organization grows so HR solutions and workflows you build, need to be scalable and grow as well. We know how to design them.

Aleksandra Kubicka

we are there to help

We feel you...

Our experience shows that probably your are struggling with one of the challenges below:

hiring demands are growing and you're not the best in recruitment
teams are getting bigger but your leaders don't know how to manage them effectively
you're starting to think that your main task is putting out fires
your team grew so much that you feel you've lost your unique culture vibe
you are dug into operational tasks and you don't have time to focus on strategic ones
you feel you are pushing yourself of the limits and you are close to giving up all of this...

That’s why we are there for you. To help you grow, master in avoiding HR traps, not lose your company’s culture vibe and… your sanity.


Cooperation models

Regardless the model, first we meet and set goals of our cooperation. You decide what you want to achive at the first place and what needs to be changed.

Option 1.


Acting as a coach and advisor for you and your leadership team on HR topics

Option 2.

Projects on demand

We agree on one goal of our cooperation e.g. upskilling leadership team and work on this topic only

Option 3.


Training your teams in soft skills like feedback or communication as well as running engagement workshops

HR and development projects

Coaching, recruitment, training, growth, processes development projects

Working hours
of HR consultations and knowledge sharing

With senior management, leaders, employees, other consultants and public audience

media appearances


Dozens of HR and leadership
success stories

Aleksandra Kubicka

knowledge sharing

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